Substance Abuse

Lee Psychological Service helps those in the city and county of San Francisco who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. LPS assists with the assessment, referral, and placement of people in need of substance abuse treatment. Dr. Vernon Lee is a certified Substance Abuse Professional. He is the third party administrator of SAP services for Federal, State and Municipal government agencies and private trucking companies and other employers of “safety-sensitive” employees.

What We Do

As the SAP, Dr. Lee arranges appropriate education and/or treatment for the employee. Following the completion of the treatment, Dr. Lee will re-evaluate the employee to determine the employee’s suitability to return to their regular work assignments.


Evaluation: The evaluation provides a face-to-face clinical assessment, treatment recommendations, and a treatment plan to be successfully complied with prior to the employee becoming eligible for a follow-up evaluation and a subsequent return to safety-sensitive functions.

Referral: If the evaluation indicates that the employee requires assistance with associated alcohol and/or drug problems, LPS refers the employee to the appropriate treatment program.

Follow-Up Evaluation: Before an employer can consider an employee for a return to safety-sensitive functions, LPS is required to re-evaluate the employee.

LPS will meet with the employee during the follow-up evaluation session in order to discuss the treatment or education effort, as well as return to duty and follow-up testing issues. Based upon clinical judgment that the employee has made sufficient progress.

LPS will provide the employer with a recommendation and follow-up testing plan. LPS may also make recommendations for continuing care (treatment aftercare) and/or attendance in 12 step meetings and contact with their sponsor.
LPS will so document in a letter to the employer, non-satisfactory compliance with the treatment process. LPS may re-evaluate at a later date.

Follow-Up Testing: LPS will present the employer and the employee with a plan for follow-up testing. This follow-up testing requirement is in addition to any tests accomplished through the employer’s random testing plan.

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